Shortly About Me

My name is Hans Lievaart and i spend a lot of time with photography. One of these days I hope I can call me a professional


  • PortraitPortrait photograpy in a professional photostudio
  • Concert Photo ShootsGood experience in concert shoots commisioned by Lords of Metal
  • Sport ShotsCar and Bike photography on closed circuits across europe

Whats New


Photoshoot at the Stream of Passion concert Utrecht The Netherlands


Photoshoot at the Sabaton and Delain concert at 013 Tilburg the Netherlands.

My Philosophy

As of today everybody can make pictures with his or her cell. So to make a difference, make a special high quality pictures. When you need to edit the picture or you want to do something special with it, use Lightroom or Photoshop, Then you can call yourself a photographer.

Coming Soon